Get Your fitbit fitness Tracker

If you are serious with your gym schedule & wish to track your fitness activity, Then this could be the best gift you could be getting from anyone. It is a dedicated fitness tracker & has amazing complex health features packed along with it. 

Equipped with a PurePulse to monitor your heart rate and get alerts for abnormalities, guided breathing, as well as a VO2 Max rating. It gives a personalized cardio fitness score and a clear picture of your overall cardiovascular health.

5 thoughts on “Win a Fitbit”

  1. I’m seriously overweight I have for cancer bloody d clot lymphoedema in legs but I walk my but of love to win test extra and keep daily information of movement steps etc

    1. Your words motivates me. Despite all the setbacks of overweight & cancer, Your immense faith to fight it out, is really inspiring. Wishing you all the best in achieving your goals.

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