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Become a Mystery Diner

All you have to do is Sign up, complete the survey and you could become a reviewer. In return you’ll tell us what you think of it, write a review, upload it, and here’s the best bit, you’ll get sent £25.00 to spend in McDonalds. 

Love KFC? Have you ever thought of becoming a mystery diner? All you have to do is signup, fill in the survey for your chance to review it for free. Yes, it’s that simple. 

How do I become a Mystery Diner? 

To sign up for the chance to review this item, click the Join Now buttons above and enter your details. You’ll then be asked to fill in a series of further forms relating to various offers, which you need to complete. Please opt into the offers that you’re interested in. Don’t worry, the companies involved will only contact you if you opt in.

If you’re picked, you’ll be sent £25.00 to spend in KFC or McDonalds or both. The best part is you get to keep it for FREE

  1. Click the Sign Up button, and you’ll be asked to fill in some forms 
  2. Complete all the questions in the online forms.
  3. If you’re chosen to be a Product Tester, you’ll be sent £25.00, along with a confirmation letter and next steps. 
  4. Then it’s over to you. Test out the item, write your review, and send us your text, video review and photos. 
  5. The review will be published on the National Consumer Review website. 
  6. The NCR website chooses reviewers at random every month. If picked, you’ll be contacted by phone or via email

Once you register yourself, great offers from leading companies will be mailed to you regularly. which you can opt-out of any time if you dont wish. So, what are you waiting for? signup to be a Mystery Diner & check out your chances of getting regular goodies for FREE

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