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This is uncharted territory and a goldmine for those who act fast..
Use Podcasts, Voice messages to reach to your audience. In just hours from now, this little device could become your #1 source of FREE TRAFFIC and sales for you and your clients.

People love Luxury. More than to check a website or link people prefer to listen & be reminded about offers of interest.

Create your ads with just a mouse click. Want to get your Flash Briefings into Amazon Alexa in under a minute? Then pick from our DFY Flash Briefings and import into Amazon in just a click! Just choose your niche and the DFY Flash Briefing fills out all the information with optimized keywords to rank in the Alexa Flash Briefing Store #1. 
This app enables you to do just what you need the most.

You can become a local agent by helping your clients generate more traffic & leads

And, What if Clients Could Do the Work Instead… and You get paid For it?

The truth is, many of your Alexa agency clients will want to create the Alexa Flash Briefing with their own voice and content (not yours)…

So why not allow them to do just that and get paid in the process with the Agency version.

$10 Billion Worth of Sales Will Be Driven Through Alexa by 2020

55% of US Households Will Have Alexa by 2022. Alexa marketing works for any business including “brick and mortar” businesses, blogs, eCom shops, Podcasters, and more

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